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MatchaTea Bag Semi Automatic Filling And Sealing Machine ZC-6CND-16


Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine Tea Bags Packer is a highly intelligent packing machine, it has high speed, high efficiency, small malfunction, etc., the machine is an ideal tool for finished tea packing. The tea bag packing machine for tea of high-grade packaging, divided and said after the tea plastic bag package, convenient after the procedure ( vacuum packing ), but also better reflect the grade of the product.


Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machinesuitable for oolong tea, black tea, green tea and so on, and it also suitable for the small number of large numbers of particles in the subcontract. 1. Adopt a combined type working, convenient operation; 2. A bag length adjustment device, bag length can be regulated at any time, saving material; 3. The machine can pack plastic bags, nylon bags,Nonwoven bag and other many kinds of bags.


Name Splitpackingmachine-16
Model ZC-6CND-16
Bagwidth 70mm
Baglengthrange 35-100mm
Bagwidth 160mm
Workefficiency 60 kg/h(70g)
OperatingVoltage 220V
Dimensions 450*560*920mm

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