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350 kg capacity Black Tea Oxidising Machinery ZC-6CFJ-120QB

Knowledge Points:

Q: Why black tea needs to ferment?

A: Black tea belongs to fully fermented tea. Fermentation is the most important part of the production process. Fermentation is to make the grassy taste in the tea disappear. The internal substances of the black tea are fully in contact with the air. Polyphenols are fermented and oxidized to form substances such as theaflavin and melanin and to make black tea emit a unique aroma. Under normal circumstances, the fermentation time of black tea should not be too long. Because during drying, during the temperature increase stage, the tea leaves will continue to ferment.

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Forblack tea fermentationmachine, we have4 types, capacity 75kg, 150kg, 250kg, 350kg, here are these machines specification:

Model Tray Quantity Tray Size Capacity
ZC-6CFJ-30 5 pcs 58*42*10 cm 40 kg/time
ZC-6CFJ-60 14 pcs 72*52*10 cm 150 kg/time
ZC-6CFJ-80 32 pcs 58*42*10 cm 250 kg/time
ZC-6CFJ-120 32 pcs 72*52*10 cm 350 kg/time
6CFJ-30 6CFJ-60 6CFJ-80 6CFJ-120


Intelligent black tea fermentation equipment is mainly used for the fermentation of black tea. It has an advanced intelligent control box, which can intelligently adjust the temperature and humidity inside the machine, and the fermentation time can be controlled. It is essential equipment for producing a high quality of black tea!

The inside of the machine is made of full stainless steel to ensure that black tea is not polluted during the production process. With the advanced intelligent atomization system, it can ensure that each layer of tea can be fermented uniformly, and the quality of each batch of tea is the same. Production can be accurately copied in batches!


1. This machine is suitable for the fermentation process in the production process of black tea;
2, can accurately control the temperature and humidity of the box wind so that the control of the fermentation process can be freely desired so that the production of fine black tea can be copied in batches;
3, the use of advanced integrated circuits, coupled with efficient atomizing head and electric heating system, accurately control the internal temperature and humidity of the box;
4. The patented air circulation system ensures uniform temperature and humidity of each floor;
5. The inner tank, water tank, and material plate are made of stainless steel.

Electric control panel
Door Handle
Air motor
Exhaust vent
Tank body
Sealing strip
Nylon wheel


Model DL-6CFJ-120
Size 1870×1100×2040mm
Voltage 220/50V/Hz
Heatingmode Heatingwire
Heatingpower 6.0KW
Heatinggroup 1Group
Power 85W
Speed 2200rpm
Voltage 220V
Traysize 720×520×100mm
Trayquantity 32pcs
Traylayers 2×8
Efficiency 350kg/time

In order to meet the requirements of customers in different regions for food hygiene, we can provide all stainless steel type machine:

Model ZC-6CST-120 ZC-6CST-120QB
Inside Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Outside Steel Stainless Steel
Control Panel Steel Stainless Steel
Trays Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

6CFJ-120 means all parts in contact with tea are made of stainless steel.

6CFJ-120QB means all steel plates are made of stainless steel.


Intelligent temperature, time and humidity control system

The microcomputer control system, temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to demand, ensure that tea is fermented in the most suitable environment.

The heating mode can choose manual and automatic, and more convenient.

The fermentation time is accurate to the minute, and the time ends automatically alarm, more save worry.

High strength electric furnace wire
With high-strength electric heating wire, high-sealing sealing tape and a new generation of new environmentally friendly insulation materials, less internal temperature loss.

High precision sensor
Equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity sensors, with an intelligent control system, the fermentation is controlled in the best environment.

Ultrasonic atomizer
With multiple atomizing heads, the physicochemical speed is faster, zero noise circuit is adopted, stop working when water is scarce, quieter and energy saving .

Internal adopt stainless steel
The inner metal plate and the material tray are all made of food-grade stainless steel, which will not rust, be more sanitary and ensure the quality of food.

Unique air duct and copper core motor
A copper core motor is used to ensure the air flow and waste discharge inside the machine, Unique air duct design, hot air heating steam from bottom, more uniform fermentation.

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Packing & Delivery

All our conventional tea processing machines will be delivered within 3 working days after receiving the payment. Small equipment can be transported by air, express, etc., medium and large equipment can be transported by car, train, sea, etc.

Usually, when the goods are shipped to a far country and the quantity is relatively large, they are transported through containers, and the machines are treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, and then they are calculated by software to find the most suitable method for placing the machines. At last, we will fix the equipment inside the containers with iron wire, binding belt, iron nails and other tools to prevent running during transportation

In case of small quantity and medium volume of goods, we will put the machine into plywood wooden box, waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, then put it into wooden box for fixation, and then send it to the customer's destination.

If it is transported to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Russia (part of the region) and there are a lot of machines, we will use land transportation and vehicle transportation, which will greatly save cost and transportation time.

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We have customers all over the world, in any continent (except Antarctica), in Eastern Europe (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey, etc.), in South Asia and Southeast Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Bengal, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), in South America (Bolivia, Peru, Chile, etc.) )We have customers even in Western Europe and North America, and they are full of praise for our equipment.

We have agents in Russia, Georgia, India and other countries. You can contact local agents.

If you want to order our tea production equipment, please let me know your area. If you have our customers near you, you can visit our equipment in their factory, so you will know our equipment better.


Our equipment has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, so our various certificates are very complete, including ISO Certificate and EU CE certificate, which we renew every year, so please don't worry about our qualifications.

And every year, we have national patent applications in China, and we are a powerful factory certified by the Ministry of agriculture of China.

EU CE certificate

ISO 9001 international quality system certification

National invention patent of China

Certificate of the Ministry of agriculture of China

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Our factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with 80 workers and three senior engineers. We have passed the 5S certification, so the factory is clean and tidy. The customers who came to our factory, compared with the factories of other peers, finally chose us.

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